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Polaris RZR 800 Z1 DIY conversion kit


Z1-ki1 comes with Billet OD secondary clutch, HD snowmobile belt, belt alignment tool, adjustable primary clutch kit, mounting kit to make the engine to the tranny, high volume in tank fuel pump.  You will have to build exhaust, intake system, intercooler system.  We have 20 pages of detailed instructions with color pictures to help you get the job done.  

Z1-kit2 comes with stainless header to install turbo in center behind engine, 1 gallon oil tank, short aluminum intake, air to water intercooler kit, turbo oil line line and water fittings.  This kit makes the installation MUCH EASIER, MORE EFFICIENT, AND A MUCH CLEANER INSTALL.  Not to mention, a whole lot faster to install.  We have 15 pages of detailed instructions with color pictures to help you get the job done.  


We sell the BRAND NEW Arctic Cat engine kit with everything INCLUDING the gauge cluster and harnesses.  AND, we will install the head studs, re-clock the turbo, and do the clutch modification for FREE!

All you will need with the purchase of both kits is heater hose, clamps, fuel line, and misc wire connectors to get the install done.

We offer ECU programming tailored to your needs.  3 different horsepower levels and lauch control for boost off the starting line.  Our programming has been dialed in for warm weather in a RZR.  DON'T BE FOOLED BY OTHERS WHO CLAIM THEIR SNOWMOBILE PROGRAM WILL WORK FOR YOU.  THEY ARE TOO LEAN AT CRUISING SPEED IN A RZR and too rich at other RPMs.  

We will also do custom installs in house so all you have to do is hold on once you get the RZR back from us!

Polaris 800 Z1 Conversion DIY Kit